Archery & Pelletry Range



Adventure Centre – Archery & Pelletry Range

  • The Range is only available to Registered Members of Scouts Canada and Girl Guides.
  • The Range is located in the basement of the Edmonton Adventure Centre.
  • All bookings include equipment for both Archery and Pelletry and Meeting Room A.
  • No other equipment may be brought in as all equipment has to be certified to be used on our range.
  • Scouts Canada Certified Range Masters must be present for all bookings. If you do not have one available to you through your Group, one may be requested for your booking (Subject to their availability).
  • Regular Booking Times are 6:30-8:30pm or Saturdays in 2 hours blocks between 10:00am and 3:00pm Alternate times may be made by special request, though it may not be as available as our regular times.
  • According to the Scouts Canada By-law Policies and Procedures (section 13016) only youth senior to Cubs may participate in pelletry.

To book your group for archery and/or pelletry, please email


Range, pellet rifles or bows are charged at current repair rates.

(Damage Charges are posted in the Range)


Minimum charge (above) per session for groups who fail to show or who do not cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

FEES are subject to changes and it is recommended to verify the current rates with the Council office at the time of booking.


Archery and Pelletry Flat fee of $18.00 for six or less participants

$3.00 per person for more than six participants

Minimum of $18.00 per session

Damage to Arrows $4.25 each

Climbing Wall

The Edmonton Adventure Centre has its very own Climbing & Bouldering wall!

The wall can be booked for a maximum of 12 participants per session and requires 2 Certified Climbing Supervisors.

If you would like to become a Climbing Wall Supervisor, there are certification courses available. Check the Council Calendar for upcoming dates.

To book the wall for your group, please e-mail

For more information for booking and sessions information, download the Council Rock Info Package.

Please check the Climbing Wall Facebook page.