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Pink Shirt Day (Feb 28)

Hey there Scouts and Scouters!!

We want to show the world that Scouts Canada Stands Against Bullying. To reward you for wearing your pink shirt and Necker this WEDNESDAY (Feb 28th) follow the below instructions.

Submit a photo of youth from your group gathered together in their pink shirts and neckers (If you still need one follow this to find out where to purchase on remember any will do) to this facebook page or via

There will be two prizes of a brand new Eureka Spire Stove.

One prize will go to the group with the most youth in pink shirts with their necker by total number in the photo. The other will go to the photo with the largest % of the groups youth in the photo (in other words if your group only has 8 youth and all 8 are in it that’s 100%).

Deadline is midnight Wednesday Feb 28th, 2018 to submit.

Lets make this happen and show the world that Scouting is Against Bullying.


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CYC Appointment Announcement

Click the file below to read the announcement of our new Council Youth Commissioner for Northern Lights!