Fundraising & Donation FAQs

Scouts Canada exists for the youth of Canada and all fundraising must be conducted for the sole purpose of fulfilling the mission of the organization. In making its programs available to youth, the organization is providing a valuable service to the community and has the right to seek financial support from the community in return.

A complete list of our Policies and Procedures can be found here.

1) My group is interested in running a Casino*, Bingo, or Raffle draw. How do we plan one and what do you need?

All gaming fundraisers need to be applied for through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) and approved by the Council Key 3. Information on how to apply can found at G.A.I.N seminars (Gambling Information for Charitable Organziations) throughout the year, or taken online.

*Please note that the wait time for Casinos may be up to 3 years from the date of application.

2) I’m a business owner or organziation that has a fundraising opportunity for your members. Who do I talk to?

We encourage all organizations to send us an email to that breaks down the event or organziation, your request from Scouts Canada, and what the benefits are to our members. Once your proposal has been reviewed by our Key 3, we will use our discretion to forward it along to our members. Interested groups will then contact you directly if they would like more information.

3) I have bags of empties! Are Scouts doing a bottle drive in my neighbourhood soon?

It’s quite possible – Scouts do bottle drives at varying times of the year across Northern Alberta and the NWT! Use the “Find a Group” link in the top right-hand corner of this page to find a group close to you, or call 1-888-SCOUTS-NOW and we would be happy to get you in touch with someone.

4) I have some old camping equipment and a canoe in my garage and I would be interested in donating it to Scouts. Who do I talk to about dropping it off?

While we really appreciate the thought, we are currently at capacity for all camping equipment and canoes for our facilities. If you’re passionate about donating, we recommend you get in touch with your local group and find out what they need. Keep checking back though, as we update our site regularly and may do public calls for specific items. The following items we will NOT accept due to safety or sanitation reasons:

  • Sleeping Bags and pillows
  • White Gas Stoves or Lanterns

5) I have some old Scout memorabilia in my attic. Does Scouts Canada want it?

Cool! We always appreciate it when snippets of our Scouting history walks in our door. We ask that you fill out the form below and bring it in with your donation. This just helps us piece together the history of the pieces, and make sure we can credit you in the record keeping.

(Heritage Donation Form to be posted soon!)