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Camp Poole Status Town Hall - Phone Call

March 29, 2018

Town Hall Phone Call in March 15, 2018 re: Questions about the sale of Camp Poole

Dan King gave a quick overview

  • January 2017 Poole was posted for sale looking for a sale price of $1.97 million
  • October, 2017 Sale to the Church of Later Day Saints was completed.
  • After disbursements $1.9 million was put into Council Coffers.
  • Camp now known as the Sarah & Eldon Tanner Camp or “Camp Tanner”.
  • Meeting held between Council and LDS Church to align mission and honour Scout use of the camp.
  • Greater Edmonton Camp and Buffalo Plains Cuboree will be accommodated. Other Scouting groups through the winter will be encouraged to book camps. During June, July, August and September it is expected the majority of the users will be the LDS Church members but Scouting groups could possibly book if space available.
  • Gary and Jean are still managing the camp which helps with Scout use. • Gary states that bookings open after January 1 each year.
  • The funds acquired from this sale shall be reinvested into Northern Lights Council projects and properties. Three main concerns are the needs of Camp Woods, Camp Vanier and the current Northern Lights Council Office building in Edmonton. A Camp Strategy Group is being assembled and tasked with the research and discussion needed to make these major plans. These plans will also depend on what Northern Lights Council will look like going forward. This is a time of change.

Q & A

Q. Andrew – There have been no communications sent yet to the larger membership so how will you get more people sitting on the strategy group? There are only 5 or so people making all the decisions. Put it out to the Public!

A. Fiona - Requests for interested Souters to step up and assume membership on the Camp Strategy Group have gone out two or three times. People expressed interest but then did not attend meetings. A communications window was set up with only 4 responses.

A. Dan – the Northern Lights Board is in place to make decisions and will do so. Input from the general membership is still looked for and welcomed.

Q. Dave – How do we send out information the best way so that people are aware of the need for committee members?

A. Dan – Council is looking at a 2 times a year mail out newsletter as well as all the electronic mediums as there are gaps in the communication process.

Q. Andrew – What is stopping National from stepping in and taking our 1.8 million for themselves?

A. Fiona – National is pushing for a Camp Strategy Plan that will mean safe property, great programming, and fiscally responsible management. Anything is possible right now to enhance these camps. There is a need for Scouters with camping skills.

Q. Andrew – There was a loss of Scouters acquiring camping skills when the training went from “in-person” to “on-line”.

A. Dave – Training is under review and in-person outdoor skills training programs are being enhanced. As well there is a youth training program being designed and piloted in Alberta. There will be a camp in April for the Cub age group.

No further enquires from anyone.

Dan asked that questions be emailed to him –


Please email any questions to the Council Key 3 (Taelon, Fiona, or Dan)