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Critical Group Admin Reminders

November 01, 2019

Not always the most exciting Scouting adventure, but important to allow us to continue on them!

Group Financials

All groups must submit an annual financial statement together with group inventory (Quartermaster) report to the Council by November 30, 2019 for the Scouting year.

Prior to submission, the financial statement will have been subject to an impartial third party review by two individuals who have not been involved in the group financial accounting and reporting.

Questions or concerns can be direct to Doug Smith at Send to both reports to

New Adventure Application Form

New Adventure Application Form to replace the Camping and Outdoor Activity Application (COAA).

Adventure Application Forms can be submitted either through ScoutsTracker or to NLC Adventures

Adventure Standards

Click here for link to standards

Please read to understand the new Adventure Standards and contact your Scouting Relationship Manager (SRM) or Group Support Scouter (GSS) if you have any questions.