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Venturer/Rover Ice Climbing Adventures

November 20, 2019

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Basic Info

What The Venturer and Rover Ice Climbing/cross country ski trip is open to all active Vents and Rovers in Scouting and also Scouters. You can choose between the Ice Climbing option or the Cross Country Ski option. Saturday will be spent doing the main activity.

When: February 21-23
Where: Nordegg
Price: Ice Climbing - $200, Cross Country Skiing - $130 (price includes activities, equipment, meals, and accommodations.)

Full Details / Q&A


This will be an additional cost. Depending on the number of registrations and where people are coming from we will arrange some sort of transportation to camp. Stay tuned for more details.


We will be staying at a hostel. There will be bunk beds, bedding is provided. You will need to bring your own towel though.


Ice climbing gear is provided including ice picks, crampones, helmet and harness. You will need to bring a backpack to carry gear to the climbing site and warm clothes for the day in layers.

If you choose the cross country ski option, skis, poles and boots will be provided.

What level of physical fitness is required?

Ice climbing has some similarity to rock climbing in the level of physical fitness. You need some upper body strength but more importantly core and length strength. You definitely do not need to be in perfect shape to try out ice climbing, there are no requirements on how far up you have to climb and how much you climb.

However, the walk to the climbing site does require some moderate physical fitness. The site will be determined based on weather and conditions. Some of the sites may require 30 minutes of walking. You will need to be able to carry your lunch, water and a portion of the climbing gear in a backpack. You will have crampons to walk with so that you can grip if there are icy conditions on the walk. The walk could involve a steep hill or walking up a frozen creek.

For Cross Country Skiers, we will be on beginner terrain, there is no requirement on how far you have to ski or how fast. A certified instructor will be available to give you some tips and tricks or provide a lesson depending on what people are interested in.

If you are unsure if you have the physical fitness level to participate or have a medical condition or pre existing injury that you think may impact your ability to participate please let Morgan know at

What should I bring?

Full packing list will be sent out about a month before the camp. You will need clothing to be outside all day in winter conditions. Non-cotton clothes, and dressed in layers because you will be working hard and sweating for some portions of the day and standing around for other parts. Multiple pairs of gloves and socks are essential. Your outer layer should be waterproof (water proof pants, jacket, shoes, gloves)

Forms: Each person will need to bring a print out of their myscouts information (emergency contact numbers and medical information. You can get this either by running a report in myscouts or clicking the orange button next to the person’s name)

You will also need to bring the ice climbing trip code of conduct form (same form is required for non-ice climbers too). This form must be signed by a parent or guardian for anyone under the age of 18.


Full refunds will only be issued before January 10th. After this point a partial refund may be possible depending on all the companies we are coordinating with. If we can’t get the money back for some portion of the trip then we won’t be able to refund you that money.

Can I come and not climb?

Yes if you would like to come and not climb that is possible. Please sign-up as a non-climber. Non Climber program will be cross country skiing. If you over the age of 18 and would like to come to take pictures and not participate in cross country skiing or ice climbing, please sign up as non-ice climber and then contact Morgan to let her know at


The hostel has a kitchen where we will cook meals. A snack will be provided on Friday (everyone should eat supper before leaving friday). Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided on Saturday. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on Sunday. Lunch will be a packed lunch both days. The cooking and cleaning duties for breakfast and supper will be divided up amongst everyone coming on the trip. Dietary restrictions should be put in the ice climbing google form that will be sent to people once they sign up.

If you have any further questions please contact Morgan at