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Staff Announcement - Camp Woods

December 01, 2019

New Ranger for Camp Woods

Please join me in congratulating Debbie Sahara as she takes on the role of Ranger for Camp Woods at Sylvan Lake. Debbie has been the Summer Camp Cook at Camp Impeesa since 2013 and took on the additional duties of supporting the camp as a caretaker this past spring and fall.

Debbie wanted share, “I thoroughly enjoyed cooking at Camp Impeesa for the last six years and maintaining a safe, healthy kitchen and camp. Serving quality home cooked meals and seeing many smiling faces. With my hard work and dedication, I strive to bring Camp Woods back to a safe, happy environment for all sections of scouting. Also maintaining all the flowers throughout camp and caring for my horses and all other woodland creatures.

We very excited to have Debbie transition to Camp Woods for the Western Operations Team and know she will bring enthusiasm and passion to this role. Debbie’s first day as Camp Ranger will be November 18th.

Doug Smith

Operations Manager, Western Canada

One Scouts Canada – Field Operations