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March 14th Indaba day - CANCELED

March 09, 2020



Join us March 14th 9am-4pm for our Spring Indaba day. we will be offering a variety of sessions to take your scouting expertise to the next level!! we will also be offering youth leadership training for the any one aged 5-18. Indaba cost will $15 for the whole day with lunch provided.

The goal of the Indaba is to give "New Scouters" and Scouters wanting to gain some or improve their basic skills the knowledge, skills and comfort to take their youth out for some winter adventures. These Indaba Session are not directed to skilled winter adventurers. We will be running two session tracks at the Indaba.

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Solution-Focused Coaching & dialling back conflict

During this engaging course, the facilitator will share the meaning of Solution Focused Coaching and teach/demonstrate coaching techniques. This learning group will practice these techniques during breakouts. The outcome of this course is to use a coach approach to increase communication and the effectiveness of your coaching conversations. Dialling Back Conflict - During this interactive course, learners will discuss conflicts, how to avoid conflict, and how to coach through conflicts.The outcome of this course is to be sure that people feel heard and to implement skills to decrease friction.Please bring a notebook!

Conducting crucial Conversations

have you ever been in the mites of vital conversation when suddenly things fall off the track? The talk takes a turn; your throat goes dry; all the words leave your head; we have all been there. Perhaps you avoid these risky discussions altogether. by the time, this hour-long session is over you will be able to handle high stake conversations like you are a negotiator for the FBI

Event planning for all scale events

No need to hide it; we know your secret. We know you spend many hours with a bowl of popcorn, watching wedding planning shows dreaming of planning your own events. This session will be perfect for helping you live out your dream. Well, it might not turn you into a wedding planner. It certainly will help you with planning scout events ranging from local group camps to wide-scale council level events.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Everyone has a place in scouting. This informative session will discuss some of the problems the world is facing today around inclusivity and how we can ensure everyone is given the same opportunities to take part in scouting.


This session is practically a money tree. You can expect to transform your fundraising game completely. Gone are the days working long hours on fundraisers just to look at the cheque and see no return on investment. During this hour, you will get time tested fundraising strategies from the pros.

Volunteer support

Do you have questions about the new support model? Or maybe you want to know a bit more about some of the recent changes. Our volunteer support team has the answers they might even be able to answer questions you don't know you have yet.

Intro to scout tracker

Not everyone is a tech guru like bill gates or our facilitator; that shouldn't stop you from taking your scouting program to the next level by integrating scout tracker. Emailing group members, tracking personal progression, and scheduling Scout tracker indeed can do it all. This intro course will get you up to speed on how to use scout tracker with your group or section effectively.

Scouts Tracker for pros

So maybe you are a tech guru or scout tracker apprentice. We are willing to bet scout track has a bunch of hidden features you never knew about. This master class on scout tracker will show you the ins and outs, taking your scout tracker knowledge from apprentice to journeyman. While intro to scout tracker is not a prerequisite some scout tracker knowledge is preferred

STEM for all ages

Unleash your inner scientist with this course on Science, technology, engineering, and math. Don't worry if physics was never your thing in school. This course is stem fun for all ages. Whether you want fresh stem ideas for your beaver colony, venture company, or just to bring you back to your school days in the Lab, this course has something for everyone.

Water safety

Three words… beavers in Canoes. For months now, people have asked about the strict policy regarding beavers going canoeing. Expect this session to explore Scouts Canada's water policies, as well as giving above and beyond advice for keeping youth and yourself safe around water. After this course, you will be able to rest easy when thinking about planning your next water adventure

Guide to Recognition

Like many areas around scouting, Recognition has changed in the past few years. During this hour with our recognition administrator, you will receive the most up to date information regarding Recognition. This session is also a great place to make sure you and the critical scouters around you are receiving the Recognition you all rightfully deserve.

Risk assessments

At times it seems one of the biggest challenges a scouter faces is battling the paperwork monster. If you dread planning adventures because you know you must come toe to toe with a risk assessment, we have a session to help. This session proves you don't need to have 10 years of health and safety experience to fill out a risk assessment. You will also be provided several templates to help you out even more!

GC Jazz

Learn from one of the council's most successful Group commissioners on how he transformed his group from average to one of the council's premier supergroups. GC Jazz is perfect for Commissioners at any stage of their term, including those who are thinking of taking on the GC role in the future and feel they could use a bit of support.

Campfire skills

Think back to the best campfire you have attend. Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a campfire like that? This course will get you up to speed on the behind the scenes of a great campfire. In just one hour, you will develop the skills to run a Baden Powell level campfire at the drop of a hat.

International scouting

Scouting goes much deeper than just scouts Canada. Did you know all but 5 counties in the world have scout programs? Have you been to a Canadian jamboree or pacific jamboree and wondered what's next? This session will undoubtedly inspire to start planning international adventures weather that's a jamboree in another country, a trip to Kandersteg international scout centre in Switzerland or even an international service project. This session will look at all the different possibilities out there and help you understand the steps to planning an adventure of this magnitude.

Duke of Edinburgh

As the world's leading youth achievement award for Canadian youth, The Duke Edinburgh's International Award is an internationally recognized program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development. The values of scouts and Duke of Edinburgh line up quite well; In fact, most scouts are well on their way to achieving this Award. This session will talk a bit more about the Award itself and how you can get your youth/group working toward the Award.

Creating a youth-led dynamic

A big part of the program is focused on youth leadership, but what exactly does youth-led look like? How do we stop youth-led from being a chaotic situation where the youth only play dodgeball? How can youth get the most out of being youth-led? Won't youth-led create more work for the scouters? How do we go about creating an environment to foster youth leadership? Can beavers be youth-led? This session will take an in-depth look at youth leadership, providing you with all the tools to create and support a youth-led dynamic within your sections.

Youth leadership training

Scouts Canada's all-new Youth Leadership Training courses have been created for all five Sections, from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts! The program was spearheaded by a team of youth from across Canada. The new Youth Leadership Training courses follow the practices, principles and resources of The Canadian Path including Trail Cards, which give the program flexibility and help youth to Plan, Do and Review adventures they choose as a team. Youth Leadership Training represents the exciting evolution of FAST, FLEX and FOCUS, and an opportunity for Scouts Canada to better fulfill its mission of developing well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.