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Scouting in COVID - Nov 29, 2020

December 20, 2020

Good Morning Families and Scouters!

Following the provincial announcement on Tuesday, both Alberta Councils will remain inStage 1 until January 11, 2021 to align with the return to in-person schooling. The Council Key 3's in both Chinook Council and Northern Lights Council will continue to monitor the situation and update our members as things change. We appreciate everyone's continued patience as we navigate this ever-changing situation.
On November 24th, our provincial Chief Medical Officer and Premier have asked citizens to do more to reverse the curve and control the transmission of the virus. One of Scouts Canada's core values is Safety Leadership, and we are demonstrating this commitment to Safety by remaining at Stage 1 (Virtual Scouting).
Our team has been working hard to produce more solutions for our members to be able to deliver exciting virtual programming. Take advantage of the resources on scouts.caand the additional program resources that have been developed by the Program Support Team and your local Councils. These include the Personal Achievement Badge portal and our Scouts for Sustainability program.
Remember, Virtual Scouting is more than just Zoom meetings; it is an opportunity to provide a unique way to explore all 6 program areas--including the Environment & Outdoors. Instead of experiencing these activities at an in-person meeting, our youth and Scouters will be doing them within their family units and virtually sharing those experiences with their Scouting friends. Our youth can still earn badges for the activities they complete with their families and develop those important skills. These are all great options to keep our youth and Scouters engaged and Scouting--even when we are apart.
Our request to Scouters, families and youth is to please keep Scouting open and accessible. Our program is more than a weekly in-person meeting; it is about helping youth develop social, physical, intellectual, characterful, emotional, and spiritual skills to help them be successful today and in their future endeavours. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that Scouting can be done anywhere and in any format. Let's keep the Scouting spirit alive and we encourage everyone to stay connected through social media.
This is an opportunity for us to share best practices and demonstrate the resiliency and importance of Scouting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your, Group Commissioner.

Have a great day and stay safe!

NLC Council Key 3
Tryton Harper--Council Youth Commissioner
Norm Kerr--Council Commissioner
Tonille Mallette--Council Relationship Manager