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We are working hard to ensure all events are posted to the Northern Lights Council calendar. If you notice missing events, errors or if you want to post an event please send the information to Chris Cerhit – and we will ensure your information is included in the event calendar. It is never too early to post your events, leaders will be planning for the upcoming year and it would be great if we would have the majority of events included in the calendar as soon as possible.

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Online Scouters Club Jan 20

Online Scouters Club Jan 20

You've been invited to the first Rendezvous Scouters Club of 2021!Join us January 20th at 7:00pm MST for the first Rendezvous event of the year! Open to…

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ScoutCon BC-Yukon  Jan 23 (Open to Alberta)

ScoutCon BC-Yukon Jan 23 (Open to Alberta)

ScoutCon is a virtual Scouter Development Day / Scouting Conference or Indaba Days that is being hosted by BC/Yukon Councils. Open to all Alberta Scoutng members (just keep that timezone change in mind)

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