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Virtual Scouting Resources

Great Indoors by Scouts UK

Build Your Own Escape Rooms

Scouter Victor Lin from 59th Greenfield (Edmonton) has prepared some Excel-based virtual escape rooms and instructions on making your own. Check out his work here:

Space Resources

Museums that do virtual tours

Other Virtual Tours

Aquariums & Zoos

Escape Rooms

Scouts Saturday Live!

SSL! premiered Saturday, March 28, 2020 and was FUN for the entire family. Packed with games, projects, science experiments, and prizes, the SSL! livestream broadcast had something for everyone. The program aired the first Saturday of each month and was hosted by Scouts BSA. The final episode of SSL was July 3, 2021.

What Makes a Great Scout Leader

Ask your sections what qualities they think makes a good leader and use that to help your Section celebrate the skills of the youth now and also look at ways to further developing.