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Scouting During COVID

We have recently received clarification from Alberta Health Services about provincial health restrictions and how they apply to Scouts Canada. These clarifications will allow us to remain in a Scouts Canda modified Stage 2, with some restrictions loosened.

Please read below to get the updated details of a modified Stage 2 in NLC (current as of April 8th, 2021):

Under a Modified Stage 2, planned and Group Commissioner approved in-person meetings of up to a maximum of 10 people are permitted, as long as both the provincial and Scouts Canada guidelines are followed. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting in-person outside in groups of 10 people or less (maximum of 8 youth to meet the 2 Scouter ratio), with members of different households maintaining two metre distancing at all times.
  • Meeting in-person inside in groups of 10 people or less (maximum of 8 youth to meet the 2 Scouter ratio), with members of different households maintaining three metre distancing at all times.
  • Scouters may volunteer with more than one Scouting cohort provided they are meeting on different days OR at different times
    • > eg. A Scouter cannot be part of two separate Scouting cohorts that are meeting at the same time
      • Example 1: Scouter Sally and Scouter Rob work together to support two different patrols in the Cub Section. To meet the provincial guideliens, they decided that Patrol A will meet Tuesdays at 6 PM while Patrol B will meet on Wednesdays at 6 PM. The GC reviewed and approved their plan
      • Example 2: Scouter Kris and Scouter Andrea work together to support two different patrols in the Troop Section. To meet the provincial guidleiens, they decided that Patrol A will meet on Saturdays from 10 AM until noon while Patrol B will also meet on Saturdays, but their start time will be at 12:30 PM. By staggering these start times, the Scouters are able to santize the equipment AND ensure there is no crossover between Patrols. Their GC reviewed and approved their plan
    • Please discuss options with your Relationship Manager so our volunteers are not in violation of the PHO and subject to fines
  • Masks are mandatory for indoor meetings and highly encouraged for outdoor meetings (please follow all provincial guidelines on this)
  • All other guidelines of Stage 2 would need to be adhered to, including submission of a Modified-Adventure Application Form (M-AAF) to Group Commissioner

We strongly recommend that all planning of activities continues to be done using technology and practices that do not involve meeting in person. While we can ease some restrictions, we must ensure we are following the provincial guidelines and doing our best to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by limiting our face-to-face social interactions. Please discuss options for meetings with your Relationship Manager.

Meeting in person is at the group’s discretion as approved by the Group Commissioner and is not mandated by Council. A modified-AAF form will be required.

Our request to Scouters, families, and youth is to please keep Scouting open and accessible. While how we Scout is changing, why we Scout has stayed the same; you are still making a positive impact on the lives of our youth even when the delivery method is different.

Scouting is essential to the well-being of youth—now more than ever. Let's keep the Scouting spirit alive and continue to show our youth and the world why we Scout!

NLC Council Key 3
Tryton Harper--Council Youth Commissioner
Norm Kerr--Council Commissioner
Tonille Mallette--Council Relationship Manager

Welcome to Northern Lights Council

Discover skills, friendships & adventures you just won’t find anywhere else.

The Northern Lights Council serves Northwest Territories and Alberta, as far south as 20km south of Red Deer, carrying out Scouts Canada’s mission of developing well-rounded youth prepared to make the world a better place. Our programs provide significant value, run year-round, and offer adventures that Scouts remember for a lifetime!

We support Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Rover Scouts all following our Canadian Path throughout one of the largest council territories in Canada. With included cities such as Edmonton, St. Albert, Grande Prairie, and Yellowknife--as well as dozens of small communities and rural centres--we’re proud to offer members an exciting diversity of experiences, including our on-the-lake camp, Camp Woods!

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Northern Lights Council Boundaries

Northern Lights Council encompasses central and northern Alberta, 20 kilometres south of Red Deer and as far north to include Northwest Territories. Included in our service area are the cities of Edmonton, St. Albert, Grande Prairie, and Yellowknife.

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There are a number of camps within the Northern Lights Council territory including Camp Woods.